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We may never never forget,
But right now

We need You to help us forgive,
In these moments,

For a solution to work long term,
In the dark hours,

Be our love, compassion and truth,
Light up our heart,
            dfav 9/29/16


Cottage By-the-Sea, #18, 9/27/16

The horizon stretches forever east, then west,
Had I but eyes to see their encircling,
I could see they totally surround me,
Of sunrises, Abba, this might be Your best.

Clouds catch fire and erupt in Your glow,
As the orange morphs peach and dancing hues,
Seagulls take flight, to squawk and dive,
The world is called forth from slumber to grow.

Except for one seagull who never leaves the sand,
Though I approach it doesn’t fly away,
Close enough I see the tangled fishing line,
This sunrise reveals this gull needs a human hand.

With tenderness I reach and draw it near,
It’s heart beat so rapid it’s death I fear,
Fingertips cut line rapidly but firm,
Holding my breath the wing being freed brought tears.

Gently, slowly I return it to the wet, chilly sand,
It’s one eye watching my steady escape,
A wave washes in the seagull dips in its beak,
Then its scooped along by God’s own hand.

Now every morning as the sun does rise,
I’ll say a prayer for “my wounded bird”,
That God lengthened it’s days and nights,
Increased its knowledge of damaging devise.

How God must lovingly do the same for me,
In the midst of beauty all around take count,
See me the struggling, ensnared little sheep,
And return to lend a strengthening hand to me.

So should we view our fellow man,
Struggling beyond what our hearts understand,
Pray and hear God’s assignment for you,
Carry through and do the best you can.

For we all need help from time to time,
When entangled in the messy lines of life,
We must trust the least likely can be the Master’s hand,
Reaching out to free us from Satan’s ensnaring line.
                 dfav 9/27/16

You are I Am

You are God.
You are Sovereign.
You are I Am.
You hurt when I hurt.
You bottle my tears.
You know who I am.

You are MY Savior.
You are Immanuel.
You are truth.
You are Righteous.
You are Holy.
You are love’s proof.

Trust placed in You.
Is not placed blindly,
Nor in vain.
Trust in You,
Is ancient,
Known before pain.

I will trust You,
Imperfect, wicked me,
I will cling to You.
I will give no power,
To the evil one,
I will yield to You.

Because I have,
Always believed,
Up against or not life’s walls,
You have always existed,
You will not falter,
You will heed the call.

This will be no different,
Though it seems harsh,
I will trust You.
This body is a shell,
Ever decaying clay,
I live on in You.

Let me fall,
Call her too,
We will not be shaken.
You will outlast,
Every enemy,
Of this I am not mistaken.

You are God,
Lord God Almighty,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
You are God,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
You Yourself will bear it.
                dfav 9/23/16


Rock Higher than I

There’s times when life’s burdens,
Feel like dozens of boulders on our souls,
We keep praying, we keep believing,
We reach stretched out on our tippy toes.
Regardless of how tall the mountain,
How steep or impassable the road,
There is a God we must cling too,
Our God is capable of toting any load.
Let me reach for Him in the morning,
This Rock, stronger, higher, more righteous than I,
Let me cling to the Rock all afternoon,
Long past the sun sinking in the sky.
For Jesus is my Rock Everlasting,
My Rock, larger, better, more true than I,
Lift me to to the Rock of Salvation,
So I may build my life on the Rock, bigger than I.
                  dfav 9/23/16


This is YOUR Life

Our lives.
The good,
The not-so-good,
The down-right ugly ones.
They’re ours.
Want to claim them, or not,
They’re ours.

Our lives,
Days numbered,
Some live longer,
Some live less,
Nonetheless, it is appointed,
One day,
We will die.

What we’ve,
Done with these days,
Really come into focus,
We really begin to see,
With eternal residence,
At stake we ask,
What choice did I make?

People die,
Age no reason,
No “too young” nor,
No “too old”,
None to good,
None to evil,
It’s appointed.

Accidents happen,
Diseases strike,
Brakes fail,
Hearts break,
Sometimes no warning,
Most times,
No warning at all.

Take care,
Of your business now,
Then regardless,
Of the timing,
You’re prepared,
Ask God,
To rule your life.

People will know,
Even if you never,
Utter a single word,
The vitality,
Of your every moment,
Comes when
You die.

May you not die,
Before your ready,
Before you accept,
The apologies,
Mourn the losses,
Hang on with gusto,
Serve to the fullest.

After all,
You get one life,
No expiration date,
Beyond expectation
God gifted life to you,
How are you gifting,
It forward?

If today’s,
My time, may you know,
I love God,
Our daughter,
My husband,
Our family and
Our church.

What would,
I know about yours?

                      dfav 9/22/16


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #17, 9/21/16

There’s the rhythm,
There’s the rhyme,
Song of the Ocean,
Symphony of the Sea.

Jazz for the burdens,
Blues for the needs,
A concert bursts forth,
The trio it reads.

Birds soar the soprano,
Waves lap out the bass,
Winds carve the baritone,
Sea prayer pleas the case.

Words dance up to Heaven,
Heart pours out it all,
God, He is listening,
Prayer makes this call.
             dfav 9/21/16


Brilliant Links

Brilliant jewels,
Sculpted to be,
Links in a chain,
To ensnare me.
Though brilliant,
Where encircled,
The heart,
It’s rotted it,
Decaying it,
Sickening to see.

Peer closely,
Amongst the jewels,
Silver lock,
Cooly cruel.
There’s a key,
In the shape,
Of a cross,
All isn’t lost
He paid the cost.
Let Him rule.
            dfav 9/19/16


Cottage By-the-Sea #16, 9/16/16

Abba Father,
You know the hairs upon my head,
The number of days confined to bed,
You know every word I ever read,
The good and ugly of what I’ve said.
Even if I wanted escape from You,
Couldn’t forget what You say and do.
Yet I blow it all at times beyond belief,
An anger burning deep with no relief.
My mind sidetracked with destructive thoughts,
Pouting hasn’t given the release I’ve sought.
This world only had one spark,
Jesus Himself the light in the dark.
Having now seen man out-of-control,
Sends me running back to Christ’s fold.
Lord, help me please not to lazily sin,
To allow Satan such an easy win.
Even if some wounds are hurt and raw,
Forgiving then forgetting is the call.
Until then when I reach Your side,
May I one day have nothing to hide.
   Amen                               -dfav 9/15/16


Cost of Free Will

The Lord God is sovereign,

All things He can control,

No boundaries to His reach,

No limit to His power.

And man’s mindset isn’t foreign.

We are His creations,

He wants us to love Him,

To offer our adoration willingly,

Because He completes us,

As individuals and as a nation.

As our spiritual Father He desires,

To give us the best,

Bread instead of stones,

Blessings instead of sorrows,

Love for us that will never expire.

For us to choose a relationship,

To come to know Him thoroughly,

To live in a spiritual intimacy,

God gives us free will and we,

Can choose Him and His fellowship.

Or in free will we can say no.

We can turn Him away,

Choose not to love Him thereby,

Choosing not to serve Him,

In a way saying, “God, let go”!

That’s why we can choose sin,

Choose war and choose hate.

Adam and Eve chose disobedience,

And now we can choose the same,

Freewill let’s good and evil in.

God is indeed sovereign,

He gifted free will to us,

And respects our decisions,

And consequences will come,

In a world God has ordained.
                 dfav 9/14/16


Threw a Temper Tantrum with God Today

Threw a temper tantrum with God today.
Not, that I’m proud of my behavior,
Or can I in any way justify it.
Nor imagine it culls me any favors.

Besides, where was my head at?
Much less where was my heart?
Once I finished throwing the pillows,
I felt guilt for the mismanaged part.

Life is often messy and confounded,
Extremely rare that it is even fair,
I was forewarned the storm brewed,
Denied my anger but I got trapped in its lair.

Then onto an ever increasing prayer list,
I added broken AC, Algebra, additional medical bills,
A diabetic husband not eating to “save money”,
And how is God sovereign with much of the world evil?

Plus, it’s the fifteenth anniversary of US terrorist attacks,
While people  remember this day September 11, 2001,
I just blew up and showed out,
Like a wayward child or moody teen.

When I finished it was silent and expectant.
“I apologize, Lord, for the anger, aimed at You.”
We talked it out and I have the impression,
The lesson was watch what it is you do.

I was reminded of overturned tables,
When God’s House was being misused,
Jesus flipped them over and drove merchants out.
Copying Him leaves me nothing to lose.

God is God enough for my anger even aimed at Him,
He created me with the capacity to feel all emotions,
And the ability to learn to harness them,
So I don’t have a lot of explosions.

Threw a temper tantrum with God today.
Not, that I’m proud of my behavior,
Or can I in any way justify it.
Nor imagine it culls me any favors.

But, I was honest in my raw emotions,
Equally as honest with Him as you now.
The world may be seemingly led by evil,
Yet God hangs in even when we give up our power.
                    dfav 9/11/16