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Father, I Thank You

Photographer: Martha Gaston Taylor

Today, I woke up and breathed in medicine,

To rid my lungs of pneumonia again.

But, Father in Heaven I thank You.

Many in this world have no medicine,

And a chance to be well may not come for them.

In Heaven You will heal them though, God, I thank You.

My line to the outside world, my writing,

Gone with a laptop destroyed and it’s crushing.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You.

Some people have no contact beyond home,

They can’t purchase a replacement, fear being alone.

But, if we pray, You will find a way for them.

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself with what I can’t do,

Travel, leave my home, drive, even clean my house too.

But, Father in Heaven, I thank You, for the still having the dreams.

Sharing now with others priorities that are real,

For some still think they get some judgment day appeal.

Father, I thank You for all who point the way to You.

When I lay down to sleep tonight, no guarantee of tomorrow,

With the life I’ve lived, the joys and the sorrows.

Father, You’ve blessed me with You by my side here.

Far too many lay to sleep and never think,

They might not see an earthly tomorrow, gone in a blink.

Father, I thank You for Your will is none perish not knowing You.

                           dfav 8/5/16


The Road is Tough

Don’t let me give up.

Don’t let me give in.

Yes, this road is tough,

But I’d travel it again.

There is a reason,

Though I may not know,

But God who is wiser,

Leads me where I go.

Lord, here’s my will,

Lord, here’s my heart,

When the going toughest

We won’t be apart.

Don’t let me give up,

Don’t let me give in,

Lord, keep me fighting,

‘Cause evil cannot win.

                              dfav 8/4/16