Ugly Coming Out

Woke up this morning,

Tired and in pain.

Sometimes this all,

Drives me insane.

Tried working through it,

Prayers to keep my cool,

Patience and persistence,

Get my teen off to school.

One by one it unravels,

Tears now burn in my eyes,

When is enough enough?

I’m screaming inside.

Am I merely existing?

Would you call this a life?

Every moment I fight for,

Wrapped up in strife.

Please, refrain from a platitude,

Don’t drum up a line,

Let me be where I am,

Even if I should whine.

What’s it like to be me,

I get you can’t understand it,

Just give me the courtesy,

Of trying a little bit.

Can’t do more right now,

The pain calls me to sleep,

Thank God He’s my Shepherd

And I one of His sheep.

                dfav 8/24/168


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