From the Cottage-by-the Sea #13, 8/22/16

Abba Father,
The beach below is black and white,
Tremendously loud as waves pound the shore,
The fragrance of salt and fish lash out,
My heart cannot stand being indoors.
I wheel my chair onto the deck,
Clouds hanging low over the sea,
Only the waves and the wind make noise,
It sweeps inside and overtakes me.
A storm is only seconds away to hit,
But the wildness calls my name,
Into the howling rage I sense,
You’re calling me to forget the games.
Sin entered this world by tricks and deceit,
Man had free choice decide right or wrong,
Ever since Cain killed his brother, Abel,
Man has sang a bittersweet tale in song.
Tonight, here on this weathered olé pier,
You and I must surely meet and agree,
Of all Your creations surrounding me,
The sea calls most to set itself free.
Acknowledging first You as our Creator,
Praises rise from heart to lips to You,
You’re sovereign and the great I Am,
This sea nor storm frighten me it’s true.
Thank You for the God You are,
Thank You for being God, Spirit and Son,
Thank You for the love you create in me,
Thank You for the war You’ve won.
                   dfav 8/21/16


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