God’s Call to Prayer

Abba Father,
This morning You reminded me,
Of what You want to hear,
You want it from them and me,
These prayers reaching Your ears.
It’s time again to pray for all nations,
For God’s children around the world,
Stay at all your prayer stations,
Pray on with praise unfurled.
For leadership in countries, cities and towns,
Some corrupt, greedy and even evil,
Pray for divine intervention abound,
Pray for them all federal to civil.
Add to that upcoming elections,
The candidates, campaigns and fights,
In countries where people have no selection,
Pray for the right to overcome might.
Abba, I admit I’m sick of it all,
The evilness, mudslinging and rants,
Yet Your Word gets me past that wall,
So I’ll pray and pray ’til I can’t.

                        dfav 8/12/16


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