How Big is our God?


How big is our God?

How strong and how wise?

How generous His spirit?

How does He make the sun rise?

How did He decide sky blue?

How loving is His nature true?

How much does He love us?

How other can He show you?
Our God is bigger than the universe,

Stronger and wiser in every way,

He couldn’t be more generous,

He sent His Son to die that day.

Every color ever imagined,

His heart embraces every hue,

That empty tomb is the best gift,

One our God gives to me and you.
Imagine this life has ended,

You wait patiently to go,

His calm voice telling you,

Exactly what He already knows.

Our God is bigger,

Than even our grief,

When death comes stalking,

Like a thief.

                      dfav 7/14/16


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