For Richard


If you have a few minutes today, please pray for my dear friend and brother in Christ, Richard.  Also for his wife, three grown children and the rest of his family.  Richard suffered a massive heart attack and has no brain activity on the left side.

Our brother in Christ is ill,

We’re bringing it to the throne,

Despite the miles that separate,

The prayer chain must go on.

Our God is the great Physician,

He heals in many ways,

We pray for miraculous healing,

And wait for what God has to say.

We must trust in the Lord completely,

He knows what tomorrow holds,

He’s always here with us,

His promises  better than gold.

Touch what’s broken in our friend,

Heal those things deep within,

Comfort him and his family,

Bring us all together again.

                             dfav 7/13/16


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