Hold On


Hold on until the storm breaks,

Though it grow worse before better.

Hold on until the lightening quiets,

And thunder doesn’t make you quake.

Hold on until the rain relents,

From downpour to mist to none.

Hold on until you can lift your head,

Don’t fear the broken and the dents.

Hold on and pray for the way,

He’ll help you fix it or rebuild.

Hold on even if you are discouraged,

The Son will bring another day.

Hold on until you see Heaven’s gates,

Until the Father calls you home,

Hold on for this life isn’t all to living,

Eternity beacons with no end dates.

Hold on despite what is now,

Be it happy or terribly hard to bear.

Hold on Jesus is coming again,

Through this hang on somehow.

                                           dfav 7/5/16


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