Watched the News


Watched the news today,
Wars everywhere,
Bullets and bombshells,
Terrorism and fear,
Always fear no peace,
Jesus isn’t there.

Watched the news tonight,
Families breaking,
Bellies rumbling,
Disease winning,
Drugs taking over,
This isn’t Jesus.

Watched the news today,
Politicians trash-talking,
Like pigs wallowing,
In mud and sewage,
Jesus wasn’t invited here.
This isn’t Him.

Watched the news today,
Bibles waving,
Separate bathrooms,
Red-faced, spittle flying,
Not Jesus, not at all.

Watched children at play today.
Even the bullies calmed,
When given opportunity,
Even the politician cleaned up,
Washed by Jesus,
Here we are, with we who need Him most.
—Donna              dfav 5/16/16

2 thoughts on “Watched the News

    • Yes it is, yes it is. Even writing this one was a struggle. First time I sneezed and where else would my status land but on close when I hadn’t saved the poem. Then after prayer, is this really where You’re leading Lord? I couldn’t stay awake. Finally get everything lined up and fell asleep publishing poem without pictures. So rush to edit and correct. Turns out to be one of my most highly read poems. Only a God thing.


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