There is pain,
Hot rocks left on too long.
Pacing round,
Up and down,
If I can hold out,
It can be days,
Before it subsides,

Yet, I wait.

My precious blessing,
I can see her.
Long, messy curls,
Slow, deep breaths,
Every day I choose,
Take my meds,
Struggling to stay awake,
Reconciling her then,
With her now.

Yet, I wait some more.

I wait until the next,
Dosage time,
Before bath.
Then once alone.
Tears flow,
And no one offers me,
Their hankie,
After all,
I’m alone.

Tears of happiness,
Because we had one more morning.
Tears of regret,
The choices had to even come up.
Tears of bitterness,
Never had a clear, fair shot.
Tears of comfort,
As I pray myself to sleep.

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