From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #9, 5/2/16


Abba Father,
It was my goal.
My deepest wish.
I believe that I believed,
Like Jesus friends lowered,
Him through the roof top,
If friends and family got me,
Back to the midst of where Jesus,
And His people gathered,
The world would right itself again.

Then like an ocean wave,
Sweeps you off your feet.
You’re sputtering and determined,
Then God You’ve knocked,
The truth right over me,
Said no to me repeatedly,
Truth sat me down respectively,
Though a right thing to have asked,
It wasn’t Your plan for me.

We can pray for a right thing,
Honest reward, someone’s suffering to end,
Mobility to go to His House of Worship,
Healing of a broken hip.
None of these are bad things,
Many such have but joy to bring,
But only if they’re within God’s will.

It’s in God’s will that all be saved,
That know one choose to turn Him away,
But if others can read Jesus in me.
Abba Father may it be what they see.
The same faith that rejoices at God’s yes,
Shelters with You through the storm,
Stands sturdier after adversity,
Whose Belief in God grows in calamity.
Donna. dfav 5/2/16

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