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Baby Love


O Sweet Little Baby,
There’s so much I can teach you,
Show you,
Explain to you.
But you must first learn,
And perseverance.

You will imagine you see love,
Do you?
What is the view?
You must learn love.
Love is new or shabby.
It can come from mommy or daddy.

Let me show you love pristine.
New and awakening.
No mistakes and misgivings.
When love is unspoiled,
By sweat and blood,
Emotions do flood.

Eventually you’ll know love,
By its raw taste,
Of life’s dirt and grime paste.
You can’t be fooled by,
Fancy threads,
And gallant beds.

Love’s smell comes from the sweat of the brow,
Bitten lip when hammer slips,
But metallic blood instead of curse words cross your lips.
Love loosens a bit.
When the conversation centers round,
Why a Christian singer is wearing THAT, pulled far down.

O little one there is much I can teach you,
What love looks like,
What entrapment feels like.
What Christ looked like grave defeated!
Love feels like restored,
At the price unable to be counted.

So come quickly now and share God’s love.
The love that will have endured,
The love that has sin’s cost covered.
Come share the love for one another,
The love of husbands and wives,
The love of friends in our lives.
But, yes, O yes, share that of Christ who will never die.
—Donna.     dfav 5/22/16

Watched the News


Watched the news today,
Wars everywhere,
Bullets and bombshells,
Terrorism and fear,
Always fear no peace,
Jesus isn’t there.

Watched the news tonight,
Families breaking,
Bellies rumbling,
Disease winning,
Drugs taking over,
This isn’t Jesus.

Watched the news today,
Politicians trash-talking,
Like pigs wallowing,
In mud and sewage,
Jesus wasn’t invited here.
This isn’t Him.

Watched the news today,
Bibles waving,
Separate bathrooms,
Red-faced, spittle flying,
Not Jesus, not at all.

Watched children at play today.
Even the bullies calmed,
When given opportunity,
Even the politician cleaned up,
Washed by Jesus,
Here we are, with we who need Him most.
—Donna              dfav 5/16/16

Undeserved Praise


Shouldn’t it be easier, telling You how I feel?
I’m not, I’m rattling round inside myself,
Like empty husks of dried up corn.
Unfinished pages and spilled ink, bottles cast aside, partly born?

Or paint brushes stiffened, by crusty neglect,
Smeared blobs, faint lines, never-to-be seen?
How, God, did I get to here, homebound, bedbound?
Some great “what if” experiment, still hanging around?

Lord, what can I show You, that doctors say I’m dying?
Sometimes, I howl and tear at the unfairness in silence.
I know Yes, I will die, worse people think me admirable or brave,
I’m not, Abba God, I’m the most terrified, of the undone, I hide in my cave.

Truth is, if novel characters die before stories are told,
If book covers are filled with blank pages,
The world’s mirror said I couldn’t not Your Word’s.
So the fault lies strictly on me, then doesn’t it?
I can’t be brave not choosing the Lord.
There’s no nobility if I fail at home,
Because I couldn’t cut the worlds cord—

What praise do I deserve?
But that of man?

Amen.                    dfav 5/13/16


There is pain,
Hot rocks left on too long.
Pacing round,
Up and down,
If I can hold out,
It can be days,
Before it subsides,

Yet, I wait.

My precious blessing,
I can see her.
Long, messy curls,
Slow, deep breaths,
Every day I choose,
Take my meds,
Struggling to stay awake,
Reconciling her then,
With her now.

Yet, I wait some more.

I wait until the next,
Dosage time,
Before bath.
Then once alone.
Tears flow,
And no one offers me,
Their hankie,
After all,
I’m alone.

Tears of happiness,
Because we had one more morning.
Tears of regret,
The choices had to even come up.
Tears of bitterness,
Never had a clear, fair shot.
Tears of comfort,
As I pray myself to sleep.

Emotions in Times of Grief, 5/5/16


If I tell you that today,
All I say,
All I can feel,
Is that I’m angry.
Tell me that’s okay.

Come along beside me,
We’ll certainly see,
Our God is large enough,
To handle my storm,

If I tell you I’m angry,
But know how for it to be,
Before destructive,
Will you be along beside?
-dfav 5/5/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #9, 5/2/16


Abba Father,
It was my goal.
My deepest wish.
I believe that I believed,
Like Jesus friends lowered,
Him through the roof top,
If friends and family got me,
Back to the midst of where Jesus,
And His people gathered,
The world would right itself again.

Then like an ocean wave,
Sweeps you off your feet.
You’re sputtering and determined,
Then God You’ve knocked,
The truth right over me,
Said no to me repeatedly,
Truth sat me down respectively,
Though a right thing to have asked,
It wasn’t Your plan for me.

We can pray for a right thing,
Honest reward, someone’s suffering to end,
Mobility to go to His House of Worship,
Healing of a broken hip.
None of these are bad things,
Many such have but joy to bring,
But only if they’re within God’s will.

It’s in God’s will that all be saved,
That know one choose to turn Him away,
But if others can read Jesus in me.
Abba Father may it be what they see.
The same faith that rejoices at God’s yes,
Shelters with You through the storm,
Stands sturdier after adversity,
Whose Belief in God grows in calamity.
Donna. dfav 5/2/16