Archive | April 2016

Another’s Shoes

Let me see people Lord,
Through Your eyes.
Hear them through,
Your very ears,
Feel their joys and sorrows,
With Your heart.
I began to see so much.
You’ve allowed me to,
Walk a mile or more,
In another’s shoes.
Thank You for that,
Help me never to forget,
We all need Jesus,
And compassionate love,
With healing tears,
Spirits enduring,
To give to others,
What we need ourselves.
Thank You for,
Every single blessing,
Remind me what one person,
Can do to aid mankind,
Better to face You,
Having died for a stranger,
Than stand before You,
With wasted opportunity.
                      dfav 4/21/16



Satan had me bound,
By chains I couldn’t see,
God’s love made them visible,
And He rescued me.
Rising from the irons,
I knew salvation free,
Thought life perfect now,
Discounted my humanity.
After a while I learned,
Sins chains still threatened me,
They could restrain me falsely,
Without the Holy Trinity.
Throughout each day,
God must help me be,
A sinner saved by grace,
That He has forever freed.
                      dfav 4/6/16
— Donna

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #8, 4/5/16


Abba Father:
You are the Lord, God Almighty,
The Author and Creator of life,
Even if the circumstances are horrible,
You are now and will always be,
The I Am, our Provider, a Father most kind.

I tried to remember that as I’ve laid here,
In great pain and endure and wait.
For three very long weeks,
Capped by three very long nights.
And I thought I’d lost my mind.

Then I heard Your voice in the waves,
So I called back, “Here I am”,
The sands multiplied Your presence,
The thunder shook the Seaside,
Lightning zipped storm to land to find.

The Cottage filled with Your Spirit,
Ideas were written on my heart,
One by one they made it better,
Finally it was really over,
There were answers in God’s sign.

Today, I sat on the deck,
Watched seagulls fly and dive.
Waves roll and crash
Sand reveal and bury treasures.
All the time I knew a truth that binds.

No matter how messy or hard the circumstances,
God is beside us all the way by prayer,
And He loves us enough to answer our calls,
When we rise from the meal of bitterness,
God Himself has known we were being refined.

All glory to Him we are His and cannot be separated!
                          dfav 4/5/16

Something to Say

Every writer,
Every poet,
Every crafter of words—
Has something to say.
A history to reveal,
A story to tell,
A God called author—
Has a mission to fulfill.
Nobody told Max Lucado,
Nobody told Harper Lee,
Nobody told others with the grit to do it—
You can only craft by rules.
Writing for Jesus?
Writing for cash or fame?
Writing because the words bust out of you—
You’ve got to know why your writing.
Then write,
Then keep on,
Then don’t stop telling your story—
Plenty of folks will tell you.
You should,
You could, I would,
The way to plug into the formula—
Too few write because the words are a fire.
Every writer,
Every poet,
Every crafter of words—
Has something to say.
Go say it.
That is your job.
The rest can be learned if needed—
Your voice however, is all your own.
                                  dfav 4/3/16