In Sight of Home


Wandered far,
Upon this earth,
Little rest or peace,
Or truth be told.

Now sight of Heaven,
The glories of,
Walls of Jasper,
Streets of gold.

Hearing adoration,
The praise of Saints,
The voice of God,
Through centuries old.

Smells of Holy,
Innocent and right,
Air so pure,
Not hot nor cold.

Taste of blessings,
Joys unknown,
Atmosphere so sweet,
Eternity unfolds.

Brush of angel wings,
Ushering home,
More of God’s children,
The truth long told.

He will see me lay,
Prostrate at His throne.
Face His judgement,
I’m far from bold.

Absolute connection,
Encasing arms,
Ones with which,
He bore the load.

By Jesus’ side,
Home at last,
Love and truth,
One’s heart can hold.
                           dfav 03/07/16

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