Fall not for Lies


Wash me whiter than the purest snow,
Refine me purer than the finest gold,
Draw me closer than anyone before,
Until I’m knocking on Heaven’s door.
Be my strength to wait until You’re ready,
Meanwhile keep my course straight and steady.
‘Til that day pierside I humbly dock,
Time determined by Your Heavenly clock.
Invited in I fall face down before Your throne,
See in Your eyes me as You’ve known.
Grant me now Your peace again,
That this meeting comes not by my hand.
Praise You I do and praise You I must,
Or all my life becomes mere dirt and rust.
‘Tis Satan’s lie that death I should make come,
But the Father of Lies forgets their are some,
Who know we’re sealed as Your own,
Our prayers answered by You alone,
I’ll leave this life as You do call,
Let me for Satan’s traps not to fall.
                                 —dfav 3/1/16

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