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Like Christ I Want To Be


I want to give it all,
Like Christ on the cross,
Counting no loss,
Turn it over to Him,
And walk away,
To follow the I Am.

Like Peter, James and John,
Asked to watch while Jesus prayed,
But awake they never stayed,
Their heads drooped down to sleep.
The thirst for their human need,
Overcame their spiritual intentions,
To be faithful to Messiah.

I want to give it all,
Like Christ on the cross,
Counting no loss,
Turn it over to Him,
And walk away from them,
To follow Christ, the living God.

I’m like so many of this world,
I cannot keep my word,
I choose wrong not right dear Lord,
Please reign me in,
Mold me into a servant true,
Scrape away all the masks,
Purge me of the lies.

I want to give it all,
Like Christ on the cross,
Counting no cost,
Turn it over to Him,
And walk away from them,
To follow Immanuel.
                     dfav 3/27/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #7, 3/24/16


Abba Father,

You promised never to leave me,
So Lord, even in my anger,
I know You’re at my shoulder,
Waiting for my eyes to see.
I know I’m not angry at You,
Far easier to justify my anger,
Than admit I got swept up,
In what modern medicine might do.

Thank You for Your open arms,
Thank You for Your forgiveness,
Thank You for protecting me,
Keeping me from physical harm.

Sustain me as I swallow this bitter pill,
As I regroup and trust Your provision,
Use my life to encourage others,
To turn to You and drink their fill.
Like those who are thirsty to live,
Like those who need hope,
Especially those who need a Savior,
Let them see only You have these to give.
                                  dfav 3/23/16

Now Belgium


Can’t begin to understand it,
Won’t lie and say I can.
Since Cain killed Abel it seems,
Man has been killing man.

How God must weep as He sees us,
Destroying ourselves land after land,
“Only I’m right now die at my will.”
Is that why we’re crushed by evil’s hand?

All I know is now Belgium too weeps,
While we previously attacked shed new tears,
We’ve flooded the oceans with our pain,
Now somehow we must refuse the fear.

Wherever you are, however you pray,
Please keep this world in your prayers.
Pray until the burden lifts ‘way,
Peace, love and hope is what we share.
                              dfav 3/23/16

That Friday


On that Friday, “Good Friday,”
With its message of the cross,
The horrific death of Jesus crucified upon it,
An innocent man, the Living God,
Who sacrificed Himself for everyone,
Forgiving all who ask for their sins that held Him there.
And still He offers the promise of being with Him in Heaven—
Even to go with us to the ends of the earth.

On that Friday, “Good Friday, ”
He stood in the gap between unpure humanity and the I Am,
While His mother and friends watched,
As Roman soldiers gambled for His garments,
When the thunder rolled and the lightening struck,
The temple veil torn in to, top to bottom,
And the darkest clouds covered Calvary—
Final words were spoken.

On that Friday, “Good Friday, ”
“It is finished” and Jesus’ Spirit departed,
Satan believed he had won,
God was gone and now he can reign free,
But immediately there’s a whisper of the full prophecy,
A breath of clean air through the stench of death,
Tick-tock on the clock and Satan trembles—
Sunday is coming, and nothing can hold back the tide.
                                        dfav 3/22/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea #5. 3/17/16


O Abba Father,
Mighty King,
God of Heaven and Earth,
With thanksgiving I bow before,
My God, Master of everything…

The sea and inlands are mist encased this morning,
Reminding me of the softest covers used to cover a child.
It looks as if you could just disappear if you walked into it,
This shoreline changes as life is always dying & growing.

No two days the same, unseen lightening bolts of alteration.
With faith I speak with You, knowing no fog exists You can’t find me in.
No cover can be where my presence is nonexisting,
Like the sea, the sand, the fog, the beach always in relation.

When the sun reappears, and it always does eventually,
The grounded clouds will lift or burn away,
May You find me simply working,
At the task assigned by You to me, joyfully.
                                  dfav 3/13-17/16

Burdened? Again?


Oh Abba Father!
These situations,
These needs,
Your children,
I’ve prayed and prayed,
For Your intervention.
Why am I still praying?
Why must I wait?
Still worry?
Carry the load?

Oh, my Beloved Daugher!
These requests,
From you,
I’ve heard and answered,
The interuption,
Why you’re worrying?
You keep picking,
The burden up.
Let it go!
                       dfav 3/14/16

In Sight of Home


Wandered far,
Upon this earth,
Little rest or peace,
Or truth be told.

Now sight of Heaven,
The glories of,
Walls of Jasper,
Streets of gold.

Hearing adoration,
The praise of Saints,
The voice of God,
Through centuries old.

Smells of Holy,
Innocent and right,
Air so pure,
Not hot nor cold.

Taste of blessings,
Joys unknown,
Atmosphere so sweet,
Eternity unfolds.

Brush of angel wings,
Ushering home,
More of God’s children,
The truth long told.

He will see me lay,
Prostrate at His throne.
Face His judgement,
I’m far from bold.

Absolute connection,
Encasing arms,
Ones with which,
He bore the load.

By Jesus’ side,
Home at last,
Love and truth,
One’s heart can hold.
                           dfav 03/07/16

Thoughts Today


Seeing Heaven,
The glories of,
Walls of Jasper,
Streets of gold,
Hearing angel wings,
The praise of Saints,
The voice of God,
As we’ve been told.
Smells of Holy,
Innocent and right,
Feasts prepared,
Foods hot or cold.
Tasting blessings,
Joys unknown,
Air so sweet,
Eternity unfolds.
This is where I go,
To fall prostrate,
Before His throne,
In wonder but not bold.
Feel a total connection,
Your steady truth,
Encasing arms,
Nail-pierced hands.
I’m coming home,
Where I belong,
I’ll wait for you,
Where shore meets sand.
                       dfav 3/3/16

Prayer at Blinks and White Noise


Abba Father,

(Me) There’s so much to say,
Locked in my head,
Cursor just blinks,
Head full of white noise.

Day slips into day,
Words plea to be lead,
Cursor just blinks,
Head full of white noise.

(Abba) Prayers you’re to pray,
Stories wanting read,
Cursor stops blinking,
Words form out of white noise.

You must pray intensely,
Plot flows from your head,
Cursor has gone,
Stories come out of white noise.
                              dfav 3/3/16

Fall not for Lies


Wash me whiter than the purest snow,
Refine me purer than the finest gold,
Draw me closer than anyone before,
Until I’m knocking on Heaven’s door.
Be my strength to wait until You’re ready,
Meanwhile keep my course straight and steady.
‘Til that day pierside I humbly dock,
Time determined by Your Heavenly clock.
Invited in I fall face down before Your throne,
See in Your eyes me as You’ve known.
Grant me now Your peace again,
That this meeting comes not by my hand.
Praise You I do and praise You I must,
Or all my life becomes mere dirt and rust.
‘Tis Satan’s lie that death I should make come,
But the Father of Lies forgets their are some,
Who know we’re sealed as Your own,
Our prayers answered by You alone,
I’ll leave this life as You do call,
Let me for Satan’s traps not to fall.
                                 —dfav 3/1/16