From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #4, 2/23/16


Standing here,
Bouncing one side to the other.
Scent of salt, fish in the air,
Breathe deep, morning mist,
Sand packed beneath me,
Time to go, time to go.

Easy lope,
Once moving I’ll remember how.
As pace picks up, prayer begins,
Jumbled mind, unsure to pray,
Holy Spirit to guide me,
Soothe my soul, soothe my soul.

Hurt beneath,
The anger and pain buried quick.
Shocked by force, bound by power,
Went from joy, from united prayer,
Thankfulness stopped, peace ceased,
Broken heart, broken heart.

Breathing hard,
Praying up the dune hear His voice.
My Child, My Child,
Hear Me now, release it all.
Trust My answer, not yet finished,
Do your part, do your part.

Keep praying.
                         dfav 2/23/16

5 thoughts on “From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #4, 2/23/16

  1. You said it well, how suffering ruptures peace and serenity and sometimes the “silence” of God is deafening. I love Billy Graham’s comment: “follow by faith, not feelings.”


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