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From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #6, 2/26/16


Grain by grain,
Ash by ash,
Each desert dry breeze distributes,
The parched and,
Arid burned molecule,
Of my heart.

Moan by moan,
Groan by groan,
Each sound translated by Christ,
Into prayer,
My Father hears,
With Holy heart.

Mist dances in,
Dew drapes down,
Each droplet reviving soul,
Every part returns,
Growth reveals,
Within my heart.

Each blessing will rehydrate,
What neglect and,
Despair with comparison,
Stole from my heart.

The spring shower falls down,
God is alive,
His love deeply,
In my heart.
                      dfav 2/26/16

From the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #4, 2/23/16


Standing here,
Bouncing one side to the other.
Scent of salt, fish in the air,
Breathe deep, morning mist,
Sand packed beneath me,
Time to go, time to go.

Easy lope,
Once moving I’ll remember how.
As pace picks up, prayer begins,
Jumbled mind, unsure to pray,
Holy Spirit to guide me,
Soothe my soul, soothe my soul.

Hurt beneath,
The anger and pain buried quick.
Shocked by force, bound by power,
Went from joy, from united prayer,
Thankfulness stopped, peace ceased,
Broken heart, broken heart.

Breathing hard,
Praying up the dune hear His voice.
My Child, My Child,
Hear Me now, release it all.
Trust My answer, not yet finished,
Do your part, do your part.

Keep praying.
                         dfav 2/23/16

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #3, 2/16/16


Abba Father :
Should I swim to Your presence like a moth to the light,
If I could throw myself down in the waves of Your right,
Float endlessly in the power of Your sight,
Should I be consumed by Your holiness, refined into gold,
Be stronger than Samson in Your prescribed mold,
Have all understanding far more than I’ve ever been told,
If my heart loved with Your love forever to be,
My eyes see what Your’s see beyond the wings of a bee,
My complete being looking at the world from Your sea’s…
It’s not enough–
Not nearly enough—
No—no not close to enough,
To You for my soul to be at peace—
Here on this earth—
Only when I’m home.
                           dfav 2/16/16

One Decision


One blink, a nanosecond,
Your car collides,
Lives are changed,

One affection, a season in time,
A woman conceives,
Life begins,
The circle.

One sound disturbs the snow,
An icy chunk breaks,
Tumbling down,

One bright smile, eyes meet,
Leads to love,
She says yes,

One calm, still voice calls to you,
Come to me,
I’ll give you life,

Two ways appear, which do you take?
How do you decide?
Prayer and faith?

A vapor, a veil, a fragile thread,
Connects us to this life on earth,
Takes a second,

Live this life well for God’s mission,
Or live it for what else you choose,
Takes a few seconds,

Our legacy is known most times,
By that decision,
In that time,
The vapor fades.
                    dfav 2/9/16

A Letter Long Overdue


Dear God,
I wanted to send You a letter.
Some may call this a prayer,
And that’s okay,
Either way,
Its the content, not the title.

First, thanks because I see better.
Visibility improved so quick its rare.
At the break of day,
I must say,
Thank You for the things I take for granted.

Second, there’s You and Your gift at Calvary,
It floods my life with grace,
Seeps through cracks,
Front and back,
Continuous and flowing.

Second, my husband, all he is and his bravery,
Love for You and us on his face,
Intertwined and strong,
That can’t be wrong,
For it too is overwhelming.

Third, our heart and our joy,
Our daughter, half child, half grown,
Each time she says Mama or Dad,
Cause for joy, not sad,
Even when our patience is tried.

Fourth, we’re among the free, not toys,
We’ve accepted we’re not pawns.
You’ve been patient so long,
We hear the sweetest song,
To it our life and hearts are tied.

Fifth, for our homes, what was and is,
Our meals, someone prepared them,
Clean water to drink and bathe,
More though, to us time You gave,
All the little stuff I take for granted.

Sixth, last but not in priority is the ease,
With which You blessed my day,
For this morning I woke,
To hear what You’ve spoke,
And counted my blessings again.
                    dfav 2/8/16

With Steadfastness


Perserverence develops character.
Love lightens a load.
Hope throws back the darkness.
Practice makes perfect,
Even if it takes years,
And perfection?
The quest for it,
Drives you to be better,
Or bitter.
Strive instead,
To be like,
That drives you only,
To love,
With His heart,
See with,
His eyes,
Hear with,
His ears,
With His,
                  dfav 2/2/16