Cottage-by-the-Sea #2, 2/1/16


Abba Father,
Holding to hope with all my heart,
Hope in the promises of Your Word.
Hope born in a stable in Bethlehem,
Hope alive from a grave Satan meant never to part.

It’s so hard from this valley low,
Relying on memories of miracles before,
Because this is so big and its not just for me,
Not just my health taking a severe blow.

You won’t disappoint us, though we might not understand,
Our minds aren’t like Your’s we often struggle.
I know You have us covered and safe,
In this storm You’ve got us in the palm of Your hand.

In the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim,
Satan isn’t welcome here any shape, any form.
By the name of Jesus I seek Satan to be blocked,
I request Satan to be repealed in Jesus’name.

Holding onto hope with all my heart,
Hope born of experience of what You can do,
Hope freed by the name of Jesus Christ,
Hope, trust and prayer, doing my immediate part.

Let me be quiet to hear Your voice,
Help me respond immediately to what You direct,
May the banner before me bear Your name,
Please Abba, may my life show You’re my choice.
                   dfav  1/31/16.   Donna

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