As I Am


“Just as I am, “* Lord,
With all my flaws and sins,
With all my belief of entitlement,
The way I treat stranger and kin,
You’ll let me in,
Won’t You?
Just let me in?

“But that your blood was shed for me. ”
Well, no more for me than them,
My wrongs aren’t any worse,
Than those who murder men.
I’m in like them,
Aren’t I?
In like them?

“And that you bid for me to come,
And I…” recognize my need for You,
“Oh, Lamb of God, I come, ”
Surely I am smart enough to do,
To see I need You,
For I do Lord,
Lord, I do.

Just as I am, a dirty, sinful man,
In whom You have much to change,
Whose pride in self needs to melt,
Much to fix and rearrange,
I am to blame,
Take me,
As I am.
                          dfav 1/13/16
*Just As I Am: Charlotte Elliott

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