Swirly Whirls


How many people in swirls going around the world,
Man, woman, child holding hands in an ongoing whirl,
Singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Amazing Grace”,
Would it take to change the hearts of the world?
The exact same number amazingly it would take,
To come to the foot of the cross one-by-one, same rate,
And see themselves belonging there dying for their own sins,
Exact same number realizing against Satan on their own couldn’t win,
The very same number who’d hear the Gospel Message,
Straight lines, swirly lines, crooked lines or free,
No matter the race, gender or age of you or me,
The number securing your eternal home,
Is increased or decreased by whether you pause or roam,
Taking your gift of salvation, the key to your eternal home.
                                    —dfav 1/9/16

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