Lord, Help Me Here

This is a little tongue in cheek.
But make no mistake. I appreciate my Hospice angels deeply. And I do pray for them and to be a better patient.
No patient confidentiality was broken. My husband’s job requires his being on call often so I’m well acquainted with that end.

Lord, help me be a cooperative patient,
Not a crusty old crust,
Remind me most Lord, in difficult times,
In You I put my trust.
(Have to trust them, but You first, right?)

No tears, no poor pitiful me’s,
My caregivers don’t need the grief,
Eternity is still my gift,
This life here seemingly brief.
(Except when your thoughtless patients call or texts all night. And you crawl into work and folks ask, “What?” And you mumble a name and the whole room goes into hiding.)

Lord, work with me on bitterness,
My medical team does their best,
I’ll restrict whatever they ask,
(But REALLY Lord, even my ice?)
Through this grant us all rest.

Don’t let me be hostile and rude,
Let me show them all my gratitude,
(For I AM grateful.  Okay I’m trying to be about the ice.)
It works out for me I can get better care,
If I have and share a good attitude.
(They’re my angels whose wings I can’t see.)

One last little thing Lord, I’ll leave You alone,
Please help me to remember for all of them to pray.
I don’t know their personal lives,
(They do have them or we grumpy ole’ crusts have ensnared them alive. Which I don’t want to do, hence this prayer.)
Let me be a patient that doesn’t rattle their day.

Oh, and if You’d also help me,
Not scare them with my own radical cures,
(Although the wet/dry vac, duct tape and a big needle drain for my legs was a good one.)
Redirect my thoughts for everyone’s best,
(Which may not be becoming a human water sprinkler.)
They sure would appreciate less of my craziness to endure, I’m sure.
                  dfav 1/6/16

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