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Cottage-by-the-Sea #2, 2/1/16


Abba Father,
Holding to hope with all my heart,
Hope in the promises of Your Word.
Hope born in a stable in Bethlehem,
Hope alive from a grave Satan meant never to part.

It’s so hard from this valley low,
Relying on memories of miracles before,
Because this is so big and its not just for me,
Not just my health taking a severe blow.

You won’t disappoint us, though we might not understand,
Our minds aren’t like Your’s we often struggle.
I know You have us covered and safe,
In this storm You’ve got us in the palm of Your hand.

In the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim,
Satan isn’t welcome here any shape, any form.
By the name of Jesus I seek Satan to be blocked,
I request Satan to be repealed in Jesus’name.

Holding onto hope with all my heart,
Hope born of experience of what You can do,
Hope freed by the name of Jesus Christ,
Hope, trust and prayer, doing my immediate part.

Let me be quiet to hear Your voice,
Help me respond immediately to what You direct,
May the banner before me bear Your name,
Please Abba, may my life show You’re my choice.
                   dfav  1/31/16.   Donna

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #1, 1/29/16

Abba Father:
It is still dark,
Here seaside,
Though I rose at 4:30,
This brisk winter day,
As usual.
Same time I rise,
Every morning of the work week,
I am a creature of habit,
My usual.
Same routine,
Same type of coffee,
Usual eight squirts of cream.
Then I get into,
Our prayer place,
And, I pray,
And, I listen,
And I pray more
Until between us,
The sweet usual,
Peace and reassurance,
Hope for the future,
Comfort for the day.
And the sun peeks,
Over the rim of the horizon,
I smile because,
There’s nothing usual,
About God’s grace.
                         dfav 1/29/16

Journey is My Own


“Enough! ”
I cried out loud.
“Enough of this pity!
Throw open the doors.
Sweep clean the city.
By human standards.
“Unfair and unjust!
But, Jesus never promised,
Life or living would be such.”
Is it to me?
Who or how God blesses?
In His ultimate love,
He never truly misses.
The journey,
Is mine and His alone,
It is my walk, my life,
My focus belongs
On my own strifes.
                     dfav 1/28/16

Light and Voice


No light.
No sound.
No aromas.
No reflections.

A pinpoint of light appears.
A guiet voice says, “Come here. ”
Light in dark so bright.
You focus on that illumination.

Light glows.
Voice comforts.
Steps sure.
Your choice.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Have seen you past evil’s tests.
Be welcomed home.
They’ve been your light and voice.
                         dfav 1/17/16



Abba Father,

Babies born.
Who will they be?
Little hands.
Little toes.
Cherished gift?
Crushing woes?

Children grow.
Who are they?
Parental product?
Neglected soul?
“Jesus loves me. ”
Ever shown?

Teenager now.
Wings unfurled.
Edge they sit,
Equipped to fly?
Ready to soar?
Afraid to try?

Adults by law,
Who are they now?
Serving disciple?
Spiritually cold?
Choice made?
For Jesus bold?

Babies born.
Who will they be?
Will we love?
Or neglect?
Will we encourage,
Or cause regret?
                dfav 1/15/16

As I Am


“Just as I am, “* Lord,
With all my flaws and sins,
With all my belief of entitlement,
The way I treat stranger and kin,
You’ll let me in,
Won’t You?
Just let me in?

“But that your blood was shed for me. ”
Well, no more for me than them,
My wrongs aren’t any worse,
Than those who murder men.
I’m in like them,
Aren’t I?
In like them?

“And that you bid for me to come,
And I…” recognize my need for You,
“Oh, Lamb of God, I come, ”
Surely I am smart enough to do,
To see I need You,
For I do Lord,
Lord, I do.

Just as I am, a dirty, sinful man,
In whom You have much to change,
Whose pride in self needs to melt,
Much to fix and rearrange,
I am to blame,
Take me,
As I am.
                          dfav 1/13/16
*Just As I Am: Charlotte Elliott

In the Beginning


Nothingness became,
Pristine perfection,
Supreme expressions,
Of the Holy Trinity.
Man created from earth,
Woman fashioned from Man,
No toiling labor,
And God walked with them,
In the cool of the evening,
And they were satisfied.
Until Satan tested them,
And Eve tasted as did Adam.
They failed.
Sin entered the world,
Lost paradise some say,
God though was prepared,
He already had a way,
This time we had to but choose it.
To gain entrance into Home,
Where we already belong.
                           dfav 01/12/16

Swirly Whirls


How many people in swirls going around the world,
Man, woman, child holding hands in an ongoing whirl,
Singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “Amazing Grace”,
Would it take to change the hearts of the world?
The exact same number amazingly it would take,
To come to the foot of the cross one-by-one, same rate,
And see themselves belonging there dying for their own sins,
Exact same number realizing against Satan on their own couldn’t win,
The very same number who’d hear the Gospel Message,
Straight lines, swirly lines, crooked lines or free,
No matter the race, gender or age of you or me,
The number securing your eternal home,
Is increased or decreased by whether you pause or roam,
Taking your gift of salvation, the key to your eternal home.
                                    —dfav 1/9/16

How Pure & Honest


How beautiful the mind of God,
Who designed the heavens and the earth,
The level of concept and thought,
Precision in a masterpiece of unimaginable worth.

How magnificent the hands of God,
Who with forethought and planning,
He made the sea creatures and humanity,
From nothing He created everything.

How pure and honest the heart of God,
When even as He knew man-kind would fall,
He stopped nothing but gave the best,
He poured it into us His very-best and all-in-all.
                          dfav 1/7/16