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Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #39, 12/08/15.


Abba Father,
It is difficult to imagine,
What those animals must have felt,
When Joseph prepared a space,
For Mary to bring forth the Messiah,
Among them and the way they smelt.
It just wasn’t normal,
It just wasn’t right,
For stables to be bedrooms of Kings.
Bring forth the purest, Holiest thing,
Even on the most desperate of nights.
But, they welcomed Him with dignity,
Squashed in together to make Him room,
Awaited His cry with firm assurance,
Bowed down before their Creator,
When He came forth from Virgin womb.
It just wasn’t normal, it just wasn’t right,
But it sure did occur in Bethlehem,
While party-goers partied,
And fathers stood watch,
The animals welcomed the great I Am.
                          dfav 12/08/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #38, 12/7/15

Abba Father,
Praise to You O King of Kings,
Master, Lord of everything.
See and hear Your humble servant,
As her heart strives to sing.
I long to have You soothe my soul,
Ease the pain of angers sting.

There are many things upon my mind,
So many questions why.
What purpose have these horrific things?
How many tears can one person cry?
Stripped of every dignity and voice,
Even wings now to weak to fly.

Christmas is but days away,
I think of the baby Jesus in the Nativity,
Praying, Lord, I were more like You,
Seeking a bit of Your creativity,
To express the joy I want to feel,
Still facing these realities.

O “let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me… ”
Still my anxious heart and soul,
Cast Evil far from me…
Flow through me Holy Spirit,
In our Cottage-by-the-Sea.

Release in the Words from You,
Words You’d have me say…
Help me sow seeds of hope and love,
Be it night or be it day…
I see artistic ability as another form,
To spread the Gospel another way.

My questions can be shown in color,
The loss of Love, mother, brother…
Fear can make an appearance too,
But You Abba Father…
I pray You, be pronounced completely,
To be spoken softly but heard much louder.
                          dfav 12/7/15

Christmas in the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #37, 12/3/15



Abba Father,
Far as I know no one did record,
The innkeepers name whose stable,
Mary, Joseph and Jesus did use.
We don’t know his business address,
But on the night of Jesus birth,
This man’s role he’s remembered for nonetheless.

For he turned them away from the Inn,
He offered them shelter in with his livestock,
So his was the stable where Christ was born.
Nameless, faceless, motivations unclear,
Was it compassion that moved him?
Or a cold, unnamed fear?

God used him whether he knew it or not.
If for one thing I could be remembered,
Be I nameless, without any personal detail known,
I’d like it to be that moved by God I shared,
Was His hands, His feet, even His heart,
Providing for someone assurance Christ cares.
                                           dfav 12/3/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, 12/2/15


Abba Father:
As You pull aside the nights drapes,
With Sonlight vividly about to appear,
I’m thinking of a Bethlehem morn,
When Joseph watched in awe and fear.

Joseph had a personal relationship with You,
He read, studied and lived Your Word,
He listened to You even if he didn’t understand,
He acted as You said, without hint he found it absurd.

He showed courage to face adversity,
His reputation ruined as Mary’s too,
Everything he had and loved he willfully gave up,
Not out of love for Mary only but for You too.

This Christmas give me Joseph’s devotion,
A relationship so close You spoke He obeyed,
Who knew better than Mary what Jesus would endure,
And what parenting Your Son would have entailed.

This Christmas let me be like Joseph,
Let me decide to follow You and do,
May my heart receive Your Holy Words,
And be devoted completely to You.
                                       dfav 12/2/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #36, 12/1/15


Abba Father:
Thank You for this early morning blessing,
As I sat out by the Sea watching the darkness,
As You drew back the velvet curtains,
There was one thing I knew for certain,
That You were a firm foundation,
On which we’ve built our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
A gift for which to You, I never stop praising,
An indescribable gift, always giving.
As the sky folds back and the Son takes center stage,
I am reminded God,  You’ve allowed me,
One more peek at life from this shore,
And I am Your’s forevermore.
I thank You!
                                               dfav 12/1/15