New Years Eve Prayer from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #49, 12/31/15


Abba Father,
2015 creeps out,
2016 dances in,
One is history at midnight,
One will be about to begin.
I consider them both,
The joys past, yet to be,
Numbed once more by sorrows,
And those we’ve yet to see.
I offer this prayer,
Straight forward and honest,
From the depth of my soul,
Your will be done, that’s the best.

Oh, you loved and unloved,
May God’s love overflow you.
Practicer of peace, or terror,
May God’s peace transform you.
Those with belly’s full, or knowing hunger,
May the Bread, physical and spiritual, fill you.
Children abused and neglected, by love or anger,
Oh, that the Holy Father will draw you under His wing.
So far World we aren’t doing well,
May God teach us to do better,
To cease our wars, and hatreds,
To love with His heart, not ours,
See through His eyes, not our own,
Please God, until the last second,
Of the time allotted Humanity,
Let Your Word be revealed,
The pathway visible,
Your love a call to us all.
–Amen.                       dfav 12/31/15

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