Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #46, 12/23/15


Abba Father,
That is me there, in His eye,
How’d I get there, manger side?
I kneel in wonder, “What or why, ”
“Has sent this Savior to agree to die?”

I stare in wonder and start to cry,
Even at this stable I was on His mind.
Even then only He was true love and kind,
He would bear my sins so I could fly.

Baby Jesus, God’s only Son, He came,
To offer love, truth and kindness too,
Since then my life hasn’t been the same!
That tiny baby could change you true.

Jesus, Sweet Emmanuel, Savior, King,
The Way, The Truth, The Life–He came,
Master, Lord, of Everything,
He had me in His heart, He called my name.
                             dfav 12/22/15

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