Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #45, 12/23/15


Abba Father,

O Mighty God, O King of Kings,
Teach me now some new things,
Help my mind to explore,
To open each revealed door.

Every woman old enough to realize,
The bravery of a girl Mary’s age and size,
To have set self aside and reputation too,
To obey her God, be holy and true and do,

Everything the Angel told her to expect initially,
Had come and gone almost breathlessly,
And now in strangely, Holy silence, shepherd’s come.
Mary closed memories in her heart to ponder on.

“What a woman,” I want to shout,
As morning erases any doubt,
This thoughtful woman and faithful man.
Have so completed the tasks at hand.
                       dfav 12/23/15

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