Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #44, 12/18/15


Abba Father,
Sitting beneath the blankets,
On the deck last night,
From across the harbor,
Far enough that sounds don’t carry,
I watch as the boat parade passes by.
Ships all lit up like constellations,
Go silently passing along,
When suddenly angel after angel appear,
Then shepherds and sheep look in awe.
Mary picks up the child and offers,
To let the shepherd hold Him.
He’s a tired, older man, stooped over,
Who holds Jesus and weeps,
Lifting Him with reverence to the sky.
And as the ships pass into the dark,
I’ve witnessed in modern technology,
Your history over 2000 years ago,
It brings me alive as I see that night,
We can reach 1000’s more with,
The same old story,
Even if the delivery is new.
                         dfav 12/18/15

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