Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #43, 12/16/15


Abba Father,
There’s a rhythm in the ocean,
Slap of waves upon the sand,
Crash of water on the cliffs,
Lap of the Sea against the pier,
I close my eyes to better hear it,
No part of me feels any fear…
Nature, has its own music,
It’s own song, if we but hear.

Then I hear the groan of beams,
Reinforcing the caves dug out depths,
The slight tightening of the fence,
The straightening of the rails,
All the wood of the stable,
At the approach of the Messiah trail,
Making sure it is at its best,
No appearance of being frail.

No one thinks how God already knew,
The stable where His Son would lay,
And prepared the wood, earth and stone,
To be Christ first, if temporary home.
And in God there’s no accident,
Each item chosen, it did not roam,
It met its challenge strong and secure,
As the Sea water hits and makes foam.

In God there is no second best.
                                dfav 12/15/15

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