Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #42, 12/14/15


Abba Father:
The simple donkey.

What of the donkey?
The one Mary rode into town?
Weary from travel and,
This city he now sees.

The Inn would have meant separation,
But the Donkey must have,
Tugged on the reins,
Did he know God had other preparation?

His steps must have quickened,
When the stable he saw,
The perfect place for them,
Near where privacy thickened.

Did he carefully stand guard,
Until the birthing was finished?
Was he first at the manger?
First to kneel, though physically hard?

Simple donkey often in the fields,
Carefully followed his Master’s voice.
Doing his job as best he could,
Part of the plan with God’s seal.

The simple donkey.
                                          dfav 12/14/15

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