Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #40, 12/10/15


Abba Father,
Looking at this figurine scene,
The stable, Jesus, everything,
My eyes are caught by shepherds crook,
The hunger in their eyes, that look,
At all the wonder that it took,
To send the angels out to them,
Calling them in to Bethlehem to see,
Christ the Lord, Messiah, King,
They’ve come without a single thing,
No incense, perfume, golden ring,
Among societies poorest sect,
You sent the angels with message clear,
Glory to God, get up and go,
In Bethlehem you will see and know,
Bedded down in a stable with Holy glow,
Lord, God Emmanuel for you to worship,
In a place you will feel at home.
Perhaps that is the lesson there,
Christ is always where we need Him to be,
Stable, mountain, palace, sea,
All the while maintaining His dignity.
Only a God who is truly great,
Will meet us where our hearts are.
                                         dfav 12/09/15

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