Christmas in the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #37, 12/3/15



Abba Father,
Far as I know no one did record,
The innkeepers name whose stable,
Mary, Joseph and Jesus did use.
We don’t know his business address,
But on the night of Jesus birth,
This man’s role he’s remembered for nonetheless.

For he turned them away from the Inn,
He offered them shelter in with his livestock,
So his was the stable where Christ was born.
Nameless, faceless, motivations unclear,
Was it compassion that moved him?
Or a cold, unnamed fear?

God used him whether he knew it or not.
If for one thing I could be remembered,
Be I nameless, without any personal detail known,
I’d like it to be that moved by God I shared,
Was His hands, His feet, even His heart,
Providing for someone assurance Christ cares.
                                           dfav 12/3/15

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