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New Years Eve Prayer from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #49, 12/31/15


Abba Father,
2015 creeps out,
2016 dances in,
One is history at midnight,
One will be about to begin.
I consider them both,
The joys past, yet to be,
Numbed once more by sorrows,
And those we’ve yet to see.
I offer this prayer,
Straight forward and honest,
From the depth of my soul,
Your will be done, that’s the best.

Oh, you loved and unloved,
May God’s love overflow you.
Practicer of peace, or terror,
May God’s peace transform you.
Those with belly’s full, or knowing hunger,
May the Bread, physical and spiritual, fill you.
Children abused and neglected, by love or anger,
Oh, that the Holy Father will draw you under His wing.
So far World we aren’t doing well,
May God teach us to do better,
To cease our wars, and hatreds,
To love with His heart, not ours,
See through His eyes, not our own,
Please God, until the last second,
Of the time allotted Humanity,
Let Your Word be revealed,
The pathway visible,
Your love a call to us all.
–Amen.                       dfav 12/31/15

New Year’s Eve from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #48, 12/30/15


Abba Father,
Lots of plans being made for New Year’s Eve,
Who to be with, what kind of celebration?
Some will be together praying as the old year leaves,
Some will enjoy partying, dances across this nation.
Lord, grant us a peaceful night on New Year’s Eve.
Let guns and bombs be silent internationally.
Turn our thoughts towards You as once did Adam and Eve’s.
May humans see each human, a friend potentially.
A New Year could bring us hope if in You we believe.
Come let us celebrate You, peace and hope internationally!
                           dfav 12/29/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #47, 12/24/2015


He sees you,
Do you see Him?
Do you recognize His eyes?
The way His hand feels?
Or is He a complete surprise?
The Son of God at Calvary?
This baby becomes that man,
The God of Him already inside,
From there to then it’s only time.
If you don’t know this Baby Jesus,
Unacquainted with Him on the cross,
Then come and sit and look around,
Perhaps you’ll see why your lost.
And if His eyes are unfamiliar,
As a child and as a man,
Perhaps His voice calling,
Adam? Sons of Adam?
Where are you?
Perhaps His voice rings a bell?
He’s been calling for you by name,
To listen or not is your choice.
What will you choose to do?
This decision can be made by only one,
That one, my friend, is you.
                           dfav 12/24/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #46, 12/23/15


Abba Father,
That is me there, in His eye,
How’d I get there, manger side?
I kneel in wonder, “What or why, ”
“Has sent this Savior to agree to die?”

I stare in wonder and start to cry,
Even at this stable I was on His mind.
Even then only He was true love and kind,
He would bear my sins so I could fly.

Baby Jesus, God’s only Son, He came,
To offer love, truth and kindness too,
Since then my life hasn’t been the same!
That tiny baby could change you true.

Jesus, Sweet Emmanuel, Savior, King,
The Way, The Truth, The Life–He came,
Master, Lord, of Everything,
He had me in His heart, He called my name.
                             dfav 12/22/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #45, 12/23/15


Abba Father,

O Mighty God, O King of Kings,
Teach me now some new things,
Help my mind to explore,
To open each revealed door.

Every woman old enough to realize,
The bravery of a girl Mary’s age and size,
To have set self aside and reputation too,
To obey her God, be holy and true and do,

Everything the Angel told her to expect initially,
Had come and gone almost breathlessly,
And now in strangely, Holy silence, shepherd’s come.
Mary closed memories in her heart to ponder on.

“What a woman,” I want to shout,
As morning erases any doubt,
This thoughtful woman and faithful man.
Have so completed the tasks at hand.
                       dfav 12/23/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #44, 12/18/15


Abba Father,
Sitting beneath the blankets,
On the deck last night,
From across the harbor,
Far enough that sounds don’t carry,
I watch as the boat parade passes by.
Ships all lit up like constellations,
Go silently passing along,
When suddenly angel after angel appear,
Then shepherds and sheep look in awe.
Mary picks up the child and offers,
To let the shepherd hold Him.
He’s a tired, older man, stooped over,
Who holds Jesus and weeps,
Lifting Him with reverence to the sky.
And as the ships pass into the dark,
I’ve witnessed in modern technology,
Your history over 2000 years ago,
It brings me alive as I see that night,
We can reach 1000’s more with,
The same old story,
Even if the delivery is new.
                         dfav 12/18/15

Christmas from the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #43, 12/16/15


Abba Father,
There’s a rhythm in the ocean,
Slap of waves upon the sand,
Crash of water on the cliffs,
Lap of the Sea against the pier,
I close my eyes to better hear it,
No part of me feels any fear…
Nature, has its own music,
It’s own song, if we but hear.

Then I hear the groan of beams,
Reinforcing the caves dug out depths,
The slight tightening of the fence,
The straightening of the rails,
All the wood of the stable,
At the approach of the Messiah trail,
Making sure it is at its best,
No appearance of being frail.

No one thinks how God already knew,
The stable where His Son would lay,
And prepared the wood, earth and stone,
To be Christ first, if temporary home.
And in God there’s no accident,
Each item chosen, it did not roam,
It met its challenge strong and secure,
As the Sea water hits and makes foam.

In God there is no second best.
                                dfav 12/15/15

Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #42, 12/14/15


Abba Father:
The simple donkey.

What of the donkey?
The one Mary rode into town?
Weary from travel and,
This city he now sees.

The Inn would have meant separation,
But the Donkey must have,
Tugged on the reins,
Did he know God had other preparation?

His steps must have quickened,
When the stable he saw,
The perfect place for them,
Near where privacy thickened.

Did he carefully stand guard,
Until the birthing was finished?
Was he first at the manger?
First to kneel, though physically hard?

Simple donkey often in the fields,
Carefully followed his Master’s voice.
Doing his job as best he could,
Part of the plan with God’s seal.

The simple donkey.
                                          dfav 12/14/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea, #41, 12/11/15


Abba Father;
The sun rose this morning in the skies,
A sight glorious to my eyes.
Layers of hues interwoven, unspoken,
Homage due far more than mere token.
The sea becomes a sensory delight,
Transformed in morning’s first sight.
The sky, the air, it’s all around me,
Golden and pastel in sight I see.
You’ve given me this very day,
For that the least that I can say,
Is “Thank You Abba” once again,
For being my Father, Creator, Friend.
                                    dfav 12/11/12

Christmas at the Cottage-by-the-Sea, #40, 12/10/15


Abba Father,
Looking at this figurine scene,
The stable, Jesus, everything,
My eyes are caught by shepherds crook,
The hunger in their eyes, that look,
At all the wonder that it took,
To send the angels out to them,
Calling them in to Bethlehem to see,
Christ the Lord, Messiah, King,
They’ve come without a single thing,
No incense, perfume, golden ring,
Among societies poorest sect,
You sent the angels with message clear,
Glory to God, get up and go,
In Bethlehem you will see and know,
Bedded down in a stable with Holy glow,
Lord, God Emmanuel for you to worship,
In a place you will feel at home.
Perhaps that is the lesson there,
Christ is always where we need Him to be,
Stable, mountain, palace, sea,
All the while maintaining His dignity.
Only a God who is truly great,
Will meet us where our hearts are.
                                         dfav 12/09/15