Cottage-by-the-Sea, #35, 11/24/15


Gratitude is an attitude of the heart,
And Lord, my attitude often stinks,
That’s raw and scary but it’s shockingly true.
Way too often I forget to communicate this to You.

You woke me this morning to a new sunrise,
The  air that I breath You did provide.
The strength I move with begins with You.
No more self-pity or whine, time to speak true.

Self-preservation, ego,
Self-value and self-worth
Can give me an attitude,
I’m the better of us both!

But true humbleness and humility,
Will teach me a better way to fly,
And true gratitude with my attitude?
Teaches me a greater truth as mine.

Lord,  please accept my heartfelt praise,
May it glorify Your name,
In all the finest ways,
May it bring the purifying flames.

All the finest blessings,
Come when the road between us is clear,
So see the view from house to shore,
Where no sin interfers.
                   dfav 11/23/15

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