Cottage-by-the-Sea, #33, 11/19/15


Abba Father,
I must confess I’ve neglected our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Found it hard to meditate and pray,
So unclear of what to say,
Overwhelmed with the needs I have in  me.

I’ve driven up outside and stared and waited.
Urged myself to “just do it”
But instead I just sit and sit.
How do I pray now all frustrated?

You reminded me of why we built this place.
The skeletons we’ve probed,
The walls I created.
Ugliness revealed though covered with lace.

Inside I go, it’s as if I  never left.
My Bible lays open.
My prayer journal hopin’.
And I take up both from where I left.

Forgive me Lord,  my desire to flee.
To escape the world’s madness,
Move around it’s sadness.
I’m ashamed of what this says of me.

But no matter where I try to go,
You are there beside me,
You are in everything I see.
You’ve created me to need You just so.
                                       dfav  11/15/15
Thank you,

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