Child, Do You Love Me


Do you love me,  My Child?
Am I  first in your heart?
Is it for My Kingdom,
You work for each day?
Am I in each word you say?

Are you grateful, Child of Mine?
Do I  shine in each act you do?
Does your thanks rule your mind?
Do you give in spirit kind?
That evidence will be easy to find.

When you say grace you bow your head,
Am I foremost in your thoughts?
Is it Me that you consider,
Providing all that you have need?
Surely first you sowed My seed?

My Child, as you drive the streets,
It is Me you see in the homeless eyes,
Me in the tattered clothes they wear?
Me begging for their daily bread?
Then –
Their needs are met and goodwill spread.

Love,  gratitude, thanks are easily spoken,
Not so often as easily displayed,
It must be something forever seen,
That there is a cost to follow me.
Then –
You’re willing in what must be.

Pick up your cross and follow Me.
            dfav 11/4/15

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