Cottage-by-the-Sea #30, 10/26/15


Abba Father:
She made her way here,
Sometime in the night,
When I opened the door,
I knew something wasn’t right.
We sat for a while,
She began to speak,
Her hurt and her pain,
Did love make her weak?
The accident, four weeks ago,
Left Traumatic Brain Injury,
In the man she loves,
Not a hurt that heals in a hurry.
And facts must be faced,
It may not heal at all,
She turns into the waves and wind,
Your mightiness, she feels so small.
Oh Father, how she does cry!
I’d take her pain if You’d permit.
We call out to You on his behalf,
He has, all say, a fighting spirit.
Joy flickers a glint in her eyes,
She unwraps his every smile,
Clinging to You in their faith,
Every step of every mile.
We don’t understand Your ways,
We don’t know Your mind,
Or the path still to climb,
All of which You Will help us find.
Here in our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
We seek Your special peace,
We offer our prayers,
Holy Spirit comfort us please.
We’re trusting and praying,
We know You’ve not forgotten us,
With all our heart and faith
We believe You’re enough,
With a plan for their lives,
You’re a God who is able,
Help us be true to You,
Our steps straight and stable.
Heal this young Christian,
We believe this is Your plan,
We’ll continue to pray hard,
As she stands with this young man.
                  dfav 10/26/15

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