Keaton’s Prayer from Cottage-by-the-Sea #29 10/22/15


Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord who heals,
We come to You asking still,
To heal Keaton, bless us with Your will.
Heal please, this young man—
—His mother’s joy,
—His father’s pride,
—The love of the one standing at his side,
—A friend so true,
—With a heart that’s strong,
—A heart he dedicated to You.
Will You heal his brain and his mind?
Will You heal his body, let him be fine?
Knowing what Keaton means to us,
We know You love him too, very much,
Please restore him to those who pray and wait,
We’ll pray and wait as long as it takes.
Show us what to do and how,
Guide us with Your way right now,
                          dfav 10/21/15

Keaton is a young man of 16, dating my niece. He was involved in a one vehicle accident 9/25/15. He has a Traumatic Brain Injury. We have seen positive improvement including his waking up and knowing people. A long recovery is expected. Prayers for his recovery are coveted and appreciated.

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