What Love Looks Like

Love looks like a mother,
Tense and worn,
Being up all day and night,
Doing all she can for her sons life,
Making sure he’s treated right.
Or a drawn father’s face,
Hospital and work,
Knowing soon his son,
Might need him more than now,
Being sure it all gets done.

Love looks like his girlfriend,
Who is there,
Every second she can be,
A source of strength and peace,
To all who look and see.

His friends and family show love,
In the ways they can,
Positive believers in his love for them,
They find ways to prove it back,
Because of their love for him.

Love looks like those who are praying,
God will win,
When they pray for him and look to heaven,
Rebuking Satan and knowing what God can do,
Even though we pass by day seven.

And love can look,
Like his girl’s family,
Who are invested in both her and him,
Her sister sleeping beside her overnight,
In the NICU waiting room to be near them

But mostly love looks like,
A pair of nail-scarred hands,
Stretched out on a cross, resurrected from the grave,
Jehovah-Rapha’s, the Lord of our healing.
Through Him we will be brave.
              dfav 10/5/15
— Donna

Please continue to pray for Keaton Fallin  who remains in a coma since September 25, 2015.  The acts of love we witness each day remind me of how much God moves through us to love on each other.

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