A Prayer for Keaton


O great Master Physician,
This prayer is in a young man’s behalf,
An injured one who You’ve brought this far.
You know our hearts, our hopes and griefs,
Every remembered smile, tear and laugh.
Why, Dear God, does it take tragedy like this,
To remind us of the most important things?
To put down our cell phones for conversation,
Because what we share we’d sorely miss.
Lord, Keaton is hurt and we’ve prayed to You,
Asking for healing, that You’d see him through.
You’ve done so much already I know,
Still there’s more we need You to do,
Before this journey is complete,
You’ll grant him and us another miracle,
Wake him now from his deep, deep slumber,
We claim healing, rebuke all that could mean defeat.
Restore him one hundred percent,
We rebuke any negative from coming near,
He is Your son above any of our relationships,
A reason to You this prayer is sent.
Please heal Keaton Father, by Your grace,
Restore him to us this is our plea,
Let us pray for what is Your will,
I confess Lord, I want him to wake to see familiar faces.
And finally Lord, I ask this miracle healing,
Let it be as if it never had been,
Please wake him soon if it be Your will,
Meanwhile Abba, we will keep on praying.
                     dfav 9/30/15


Cody’s Prayer for Keaton
Mom and Gram’s say Keaton wreck,
They tell me he is hurt bad.
So God, I pray for him.
          Cody,  age 4

Keaton was injured in a single vehicle accident on September 25. 2015.  He’s improved greatly.  God has blessed us.  Please join us for Keaton’s complete healing.

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