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Prayer for When the Words Stop


God, grant me You.
When the words don’t come,
And the mind is jumbled,
When every idea has merit,
But no idea follows through,
God, grant me You.

Lord, fill me with love.
When letters just tumble,
Pages are Teflon coated,
Sentences lead no where,
Plots are but an empty glove,
Lord, fill me with love.

God, renew my calling.
Reaffirm Your gift in me,
Remind me You are the reader,
Push me to write the race,
Read Your word, meditating,
God, renew my calling.

Lord, reignite in me Your fire.
For life deals us blows,
Relationships help and hinder,
Fellow writers can be cold,
Dreams seem to expire,
Lord, reignite in me Your fire.

God, hold me ultra steady.
Is this idea one from You?
Does this plot bring You glory?
Will these characters point to You?
These pages flow at Your ready?
God, hold me ultra steady.

Lord, release in me Your creativity.
Fill me with Your thoughts,
Align me in sound theology,
Overflow me with sweet Scripture,
Fuel in me Your divine curiosity,
Lord, release in me Your creativity.

Father, will You do so now?
For the words have stopped,
The page is so empty,
The characterization fell,
The plot trapped me somehow,
Father,  will You do so now?
                  dfav 10/29/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #31


Abba Father,
The sun has yet to rise,
No lightening off the far horizon,
And I’m here—
Sitting by the dark Sea,
Waves black froth tipped lace,
Delicate touch–
Heavier my heart than my need,
For rest or sleep or relief,
Pain and anger—
There’s not enough water,
To wash away my fears or tears,
Or life’s stains—
My soul cries out “Abba Father! “,
You hear me, I know,
I wait for You—
Waves cover.
Cold, dark and wet they pull,
Moving me deeper into the Sea,
I am going under—
Your hand.
Plucks me out of danger quick,
Settles me inside drying,
Assuring but stern—
I know better.
To give Evil such opportunity,
To feed my fears and doubts,
You’re stronger in me—
I must ask.
And I lay my head in Your lap,
Sobbing in frustration and grief,
Wearied by the world—
I’m spent.
Here in the Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Again You school me on,
Running the race—
With hope.
We all get tired and worn,
The best among us fail,
When we try alone—
To win.
Thank You for rescuing me,
For forgiveness and hope,
Love always there—
            dfav 10/27/15

Cottage-by-the-Sea #30, 10/26/15


Abba Father:
She made her way here,
Sometime in the night,
When I opened the door,
I knew something wasn’t right.
We sat for a while,
She began to speak,
Her hurt and her pain,
Did love make her weak?
The accident, four weeks ago,
Left Traumatic Brain Injury,
In the man she loves,
Not a hurt that heals in a hurry.
And facts must be faced,
It may not heal at all,
She turns into the waves and wind,
Your mightiness, she feels so small.
Oh Father, how she does cry!
I’d take her pain if You’d permit.
We call out to You on his behalf,
He has, all say, a fighting spirit.
Joy flickers a glint in her eyes,
She unwraps his every smile,
Clinging to You in their faith,
Every step of every mile.
We don’t understand Your ways,
We don’t know Your mind,
Or the path still to climb,
All of which You Will help us find.
Here in our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
We seek Your special peace,
We offer our prayers,
Holy Spirit comfort us please.
We’re trusting and praying,
We know You’ve not forgotten us,
With all our heart and faith
We believe You’re enough,
With a plan for their lives,
You’re a God who is able,
Help us be true to You,
Our steps straight and stable.
Heal this young Christian,
We believe this is Your plan,
We’ll continue to pray hard,
As she stands with this young man.
                  dfav 10/26/15

And Now—


We’ve prayed.
We believe in You.
We have faith,
In a God so true.
We’ve done all,
Laid on our hearts.
We’re truly willing,
To do our parts.
Its a miracle now,
Lord, for which we wait.
We trust You’ll provide,
On time, never late.
We’ll keep praying,
Our belief in You,
We’ll keep the faith,
You’ll see us through.
             dfav 10/23/15

Keaton’s Prayer from Cottage-by-the-Sea #29 10/22/15


Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord who heals,
We come to You asking still,
To heal Keaton, bless us with Your will.
Heal please, this young man—
—His mother’s joy,
—His father’s pride,
—The love of the one standing at his side,
—A friend so true,
—With a heart that’s strong,
—A heart he dedicated to You.
Will You heal his brain and his mind?
Will You heal his body, let him be fine?
Knowing what Keaton means to us,
We know You love him too, very much,
Please restore him to those who pray and wait,
We’ll pray and wait as long as it takes.
Show us what to do and how,
Guide us with Your way right now,
                          dfav 10/21/15

Keaton is a young man of 16, dating my niece. He was involved in a one vehicle accident 9/25/15. He has a Traumatic Brain Injury. We have seen positive improvement including his waking up and knowing people. A long recovery is expected. Prayers for his recovery are coveted and appreciated.

Cottage-by-the-Sea #28 10/21/15

Abba Father:
You’ve awakened me from slumber sweet,
No minor victory in this life’s off beat,
Calling me to come and truly see,
The miracle You’ve displayed over the Sea.
Here I sit in the first of mornings dawn,
Waters and waves break like a breathing lawn,
And as I wait with stilled breath,
The sunrise breaks in layered depth.
First a hint of softening rose and glow,
Then a lightening of the horizons show.
Before my eyes the sun unfolds,
In layers of pink, blue, rose and gold.
A single ship raises sail against the sky,
And I know I’m blessed to witness night to fly.
O praise You Lord for another day,
Great are You, I Am, to show me The Way.
Before me lays a promise sweet,
As my breath and heart join the beat,
You’ve exploded the sky with colors great,
And call to me it is not too late,
To proclaim Your love, mercy and grace,
As sure as this sunrise breaks upon my face.
Let all with breath,
Praise the Lord,
               dfav 10/21/15

Your Will be Done


When often I don’t know how to pray,
What to ask or what to say,
Never does it fail me to begin,
To pray the prayer Jesus taught back when…
“Our Father who are in Heaven,
Hallowed be Your name, 
Your kingdom come,  Your will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven—”
“His-will-be-done-on-earth-as-it-is-in-Heaven. ”
How quickly must His will occur in His presence?
Should it be any slower in my heart where He has residence?
Why do I pray my prayers, speak my piece,
If I’m truly seeking my own will to never cease?
When I expect God to answer my prayer,  my way?
When I think I’ve figured out what I need to say?
When praying in the Spirit has ceased to be,
Because I know best and surely God sees?
So I stick it on at the very end of things,
When “Your will be done” has a hollow ring?
Abba Father, help me to seek Your will first,
So my prayers aren’t dying of thirst.
Then no matter the prayer or what I seek,
In with God’s will my own is in sync.
And so much more can be accomplished through prayer,
And how much more can I show I care?
When I seek to pray for His will to be,
Setting aside the will of me?
              dfav 10/20/15

Let Me Love Like You Lord


I asked the Lord to let me love as He loved.
He agreed.
First He showed me what He sees.
Humanity at our finest—
Humanity at our worst—
Then He allowed me to hear—
Children laughing,
I love you’s
Followed by these—
Giving up,
Loss of all hope.
My heart lay shredded at His feet.
So flooded by the wide range of humanity’s living,
I didn’t know what to go with first.
Lord, I cried, how do You do this?
He replied, “Like this. ”
And He gathered me in His arms,
And held me to His heart.
And loved.
            dfav 10/16/15

No Greater Revelation


Abba Father:
The sun sank through the violet sky,
With streaks of orange, reds and shadow flies,
Before my eyes I see the truth,
Briefly this looks of paradise.
Could there be any greater revelation?
That God is good, and that’s a celebration,
All the time!
          dfav 10/14/15

Basic Math With God


Take away the negative,
Replace it with the positive,
Divide up the burdens load,
Multiply the joy four-fold.
Take away the “I can’t’s”,
Replace it with in Christ I can’s.
Divide the labors of the day,
Multiply the growth this way.
Take away evil’s dark intent,
Replace with the Lord’s fulfillment,
Divide the sorrows in the night,
Multiply your trust in God’s might.
Take away the stench of disbelief,
Replace it with Jesus’ loving relief,
Divide yourself no more with the world,
Multiply within you that of the Lord.
            dfav 10/13/15