Cottage-by-the-Sea #26 9/30/15


Abba Father:
O Master of the Universe,
Source and Creator of us all!
Being so amidst every element,
Makes me feel so small.
The sea waves are pounding,
Advancing up and down the shore,
Needing close, I sit at covered door,
Amazed by You more and more.
The sound alone is powerful,
Reaching quickly to who I am,
Tunes my heart to You alone,
For You are You, man but man.
Waves so wild and unpredictable,
Swipes shores clean of my defeat,
They clear the land and air,
Remove the stench of my retreats.
Whipping winds pull and push,
But harbor sought I in Your arms,
Where the storm dare not touch,
My soul truly safe from all harm.
Thank You, Lord for Your Sea,
For storms that rage and those sweet,
Where lessons of life are taught,
Along the Sea of Victory and Defeat.
You alone deserve all gratitude,
I praise You to the deepest depths,
Receive my heart’s worship true,
To You it goes, oh please accept!
            dfav 9/30/15

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