Daughter, I Ask

Photo source unknown.

Daughter I ask,
Throw open windows to the breath of Truth,
Eliminate your heart of all the shadows,
Ask Me to melt away sins chains,
To flood your soul with Sonshine,
While praying your heart is refreshed with Holy rain.

Dare allow Me to light each nook and cranny,
My Spirit’s swirling to blow away cobwebs,
While your neglected shelves have order returned,
Recognize My power when you but ask,
In My will is much for which you’ve always yearned.

Daughter, how I love you so much!
With love deeper and truer than any man.
Don’t leave while things are halfway restored.
Trust me and I will show you the way,
With steps sure and true, ones not easily ignored.
             dfav 9/24/15

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