Prayer and I


Prayer and I sat out this sunny day,
To see humanity what they would say.
First we came upon this lovely man,
With gracious manners and calloused hands.
He responded to our quest to pray for him,
To tell us of his painful, secret sin,
An addiction to porn he couldn’t forever defeat,
Where Satan has him often in full retreat.
Never a sweeter man who desired the Lord,
Yet strangled by a trap of this world.
Second we came upon a single mother,
Dropping kids off at school, tough cookies together.
The father wouldn’t pay his child support,
He only laughed at her when she went to report,
She’s tired and lonely but God is her rock,
She pushes negative aside keeps an eye on the clock.
God assures her she’s not forgotten,
And she asks us to pray for her ex for he’s not all rotten.
Third man we meet says he’s no use for God,
Followed up by how we’re so odd.
He goes on and mentions he has cancer,
But he’s not frightened, oh no, no Sir.
He’s a self made man through and through,
He’ll rejoin the dust pay what’s due.
Prayer and I turn to the church, sit on a pew,
Lord, I don’t know how to thank You.
Each person we met had a spiritual need,
So we’ll sit for a moment pray for the seeds.
Thank You for allowing us this privilege,
To walk, pray, stand in the gap, and be a bridge.
Isn’t this what part of witnessing is after all?
Seeking the lost, trying to lessen those who fall?
Pointing the way to Jesus the King,
For its in Him we have everything.
               dfav 9/16/15

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