Cottage-by-the-Sea #24 9/16/15


Abba Father,
It’s dark outside and the windows open.
I hear the sea waves rush in, wash out.
Feel a dampening chilly breeze blowin’,
And I feel more alive than I have in days,
You’re the Lord, mysterious in Your ways.
How can this be? How can this be?
That I feel most alive here by the sea?

I am unafraid alone here in our cottage,
It’s our prayer closet requires no aid for me,
I enter at will and when You call,
Here the ground is level as I pray,
And I am assured we can hear what we say
Here I’m sure we communicate, sure we communicate.
In this cottage there can be no fakes.

While Your sea dips, splashes and waves,
The wind through Your hands directions are drew,
I feel so secure to pray as You lead me in,
Allow prayer to be my investment again.
Here lead my words, here lead my prayer.
Meet their needs in Your will is my prayer.

From this Cottage-by-the-Sea.
The one prayer closet we built for me,
Here within, nearby my favorite things,
My Bible, scribbles, Your Sea, You and the best thing,
Your Holy Spirit guiding me, guiding me.
To keep on praying from the Cottage-by-the-Sea.
                 dfav 9/16/15

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