Remember 9/11/01

Source of photo unknown.


We watched in disbelief,
In horror and stunned silence,
As the Twin Towers fell,
One by one, no reprieve.

Flight 93 crashed by brave men,
In a Pennsylvania field,
Instead of the White House,
Passengers who said not again.

Pentagon struck and burning.
Acts of terrorism,
By misguided jihadists,
Who died still yearning.

2977 lives blown away,
From over 90 countries,
Plus 11 unborn children,
Number mounts day upon day.

People dying from cancer,
Injuries sustained,
Other diseases caught from,
Being on or close to the disaster.

American’s became one that day,
Our differences forgotten,
People sought to help and,
Sought God again in different ways.

Remember September 11, 2001,
As the sun rises and sets,
The moon shines ’til done,
By turning to Jesus, God’s Son.
               dfav 9/11/2015

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