It is dark.
Not only dark,
But it is alive.
The dark stalks,
Wrapping itself,
Around you,
Clinging, stickiness.
You dismiss it.
You are stronger,
Much stronger,
Than this foulness.

You play more,
You push more,
It is a high.
With a grip,
A firm one,
Around you,
Black, tar shackles,
Still okay though,
You’re enjoying it,
No judgement in it,
In this darkness.

The game goes on,
The dark goes on.
It covers you.
Like a cocoon,
It won’t let go,
You can’t fight,
Pinned in grips,
Wrapped in dark,
Darker dark,
Indescribable place,
What’s its name?

Some trick?
An evil trick?
It would take,
Lie to you,
Cheat you,
But has it?
Or did you think,
You’d cheat it,
Deny it?

Sin must be paid.
dfav 9/9/15

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