Why Aren’t We Talking About ?


Across the United States’ population of 318.9 million there are a professed 73% professed Christians. Of that number, 40% say they attend church regularly. Statically only 20% actually do. (73% of 319 million is 232.797 million, of that 47 million are in a church for services.)

What percentage of those Christians are also counted among the 12 million with a sexual addiction? A lot more than we want to address.  Why not?

This addiction destroys marriages, families and individuals. It adds chronic dishonesty to the mix and poor stewardship of one’s resources. More than that, it shreds the addicts relationship with God, until treatment is sought and healing begins. We’re talking about an addiction, it’s never going away. Like someone who finds a way out of substance abuse, it’s a day-to-day battle to remain “clean”.

Christians aren’t immune to sexual, substance, food, gambling and any other addiction. These individuals sit in church pews, are church leaders and clergy. Their marriages are failing. Parts of their lives are lies already. All of it will be without intervention.

We are hypocritical to deny it exists among us. We are equally hypocritical to deny these individuals and families a safe place to recover.

Chances are you know someone, or you yourself, have felt the impact of sexual addiction. You might not know it or be willing to admit it but you have.  The truth doesn’t change.

Why aren’t we talking about it? In church, out in the open, bringing the Son’s light into a horrific darkness?

Shame. Embarrassment. Panic. Fear of being turned upon, never seen as worthy or respectable again.

Instead, like ticking bombs among us, the time is quickly running out. It’s harder and harder for John Doe to keep a secret these days and near impossible for anyone in the public eye. Ask Josh and Anna Duggar.

Why aren’t we talking about sexual addiction among Christians? We should be.


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