Who Matters? Who Cares?


Photographer: Martha Stewart Taylor.  Used by permission.   All rights reserved.  Poet: d.f.a.v.  Original.

It’s an unbelievable country we live in.
It’s an exciting world we’re part of too.
New discoveries announced everyday,
Awesome new things technology can do.

Smart phones, computers, even watches,
Miracle medicines, surgeries and more,
Plunge us higher, higher into the sky,
It may be glass but we found the door.

We appear a civilization that values life,
Humanitarian aid crosses war lines,
Commercials call to end animal abuse,
You could go to jail and/or pay hefty fines.

That’s the surface we present,
A country who values life a lot,
We make cars that can park or stop alone,
Uncle Sam even wants the guns we’ve got.

Underneath all this care and concern?
Hundreds of babies are killed in the womb.
Soldiers and civilians die in war,
Every country prepared to launch nuclear bombs.

How’d this happen I want to know?
Who is it that truly matters to us?
Who is it that’d fight to keep us alive?
Isn’t the truth hard to touch?

God? I know this to be true,
What matters to You, should to us.
And to answer, “Who truly cares?”
We all matter to You so much.

You send Your Son to earth one day,
No luxurious life did He lead.
A three year ministry ended on a cross,
Before He awakened from death freed.

Now if only society could believe that,
If only we cared for the least of these,
As Jesus reminded us as He taught,
I’m sure He’d be well pleased.

The answer to who matter to us?
The reply to who cares for us all?
Would be the Christ who lived as man,
And those who truly have answered His call.
                  d.f.a.v. 8/18/15

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