Cottage-by-the-Sea #21 7/28/15

Abba Father:
When the sun went down last night,
I watched the brilliant interplay of lights,
Reflected on the seas glassness,
I cannot watch without joy, grief and sadness.
There’s a link between You and artists,
We understand how the urge begins to start this.
You are the greatest of all God’s Creations,
Through different mediums You answer our questions,
And maybe are able to speak to those not Your’s,
By working through us to make our art ours.
Such, I think is the fate of our lives,
Tied to color, shapes and shadows,
Attached to light, shades and what does and doesn’t go.
For a bit Lord, I feel connected to You,
By something we both do.
                –d.f.a.v. 7/29/15

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